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What is ClicMind?

What is ClicMind? Business Model

ClicMind is a cloud-based predictive platform based on Big Data providing the

digitization formula for the digital strategy of the company. The objective is the

optimization of investment in digital marketing and the enablement of of a rapid strategic adaptation to the objectives of the company.

How Does It Work?

It analyzes the Business objectives of the company and compares this data with the

trends in markets and digital investment. With a series of algorithms it provides,

digital tool by digital tool, a panoramic view of “where the company is at” and

“where the company needs to be at” in order to achieve sales and profitability


It unifies the data from the different Tools that the brand is utilizing at a given

moment and compares this data with the results obtained through analysis.

The digital dashboard may be used on any device, is intuitive and offers a wide

range of options for scenario simulacra.

How is it Monetized?

Freemium and Subscription Model

Principally aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises with over 5m€ in turnover. It

is an internationally-based service and proposes a low cost internationalization

strategy, ample penetration and rapid expansion.

It is monetized through a subscription model which offers a free basic service and

a premium service which includes training and consulting, both face-to-face and

online and also improved features on the platform. Distribution is principally via

digital media although in the case of large companies and marketing agencies

direct sales can be considered.

Capital Requirements

300.000€ Working Capital

500.000€ Platform Development

350.000€ Internationalization

Sales Team

María Jesús Catalina

José Vivas

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