Our portfolio is divided into 6 key business areas.

We also have many other projects which do not fit neatly into these categories.

  • Financial Services

  • Media & Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Industrial & Business Services

  • Renewable Energy

The investment vehicles we have available range from very straightforward propositions to the more complex and intricate. There may be very few moving parts or many. Because of this diversity we are very interested in getting to know you well before attempting to present any proposals. Let us know which of our specialist sectors interest you more. In order to ensure the best fit for you we need to be clear on timeframe, objectives, exit plan and favoured industries. ​

We are extremely hands-on and encourage site visits and facility tours. Our industry contacts are well aware of our solvency and professionalism and this ensures that your requirements will be consistently prioritized. It goes without saying that all documentation will have been perfectly redacted and revised, but we also encourage you to visit your asset and learn about it first-hand from the operator.

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