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Repsol and Amazon announce strategic collaboration

Paul Laurence Sweeney

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I send you details of one of the most interesting PPA

(Power Purchase Agreement) executions that has been announced in Europe.

Both Repsol and AWS (Amazon Web Services) have demonstrated a keen

appreciation of the synergistic opportunities to be exploited and I am delighted to

bring you a report on the extremely favourable outcome.

Such negotiations always have their particular complexities but due to the

immense experience and talent of all involved we can confirm the positive


Once again we provide solid evidence and a clear demonstration of why we

maintain that Spain is now the epicentre for some of the most fascinating business

stories playing out in any geographical region.

Happy Christmas and may you be healthy, wealthy and wise throughout 2022!

Repsol Amazon_en
Download PDF • 163KB

Best Wishes,

Paul Laurence Sweeney

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