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PWACS consulting services

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to present PWACS.

PWACS is an independent company created to provide high-value added consulting services to public administrations, financial agents, investors and companies, related to Urban Public Services.

Some figures for PWACS :

  • 12 Delegations

  • Over 300 Clients

  • Over 8,000 Million Euros in Advised Projects (Operations)

  • Over 500 Public Administration Contracts

  • Over 880 Contracts

I highly recommend you to take advantage of the unparalleled experience of the

wonderful team at PWACS in order to guarantee the success of your Urban Public

Services project.

You may contact the team directly using the channels indicated in the accompanying document and as always I personally am at your service as required.

Download PDF • 1.65MB

Best Wishes for the success of your projects,

Paul Laurence Sweeney.

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