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Finding a healthcare investment that’s right for you

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Solid track record with a good business case and strong financials with excellent governance, management structures and supervision.

Our clinics, residences and hospitals present a prime investment opportunity.

Welcome to the Madrid healthcare ecosystem. How would you prefer to participate? Think of it as an ongoing project where you can profit from asset utilization, real estate plays, and general operations. We prefer to integrate you in consolidated operations in expansionary phases, although we can certainly locate interesting new projects in the hands of experienced operators. Or help you to realize your own vision!

Invest with Ease

Do you have a healthcare project in mind for Madrid? Whether you prefer a work-leading ophthalmological institute or you’re going for a more efficient model of residences - there’s a bright future for everyone.

Every proposition comes with the latest technologies built in. Investors will be able to easily ramp-up operations, get to profit with minimum delay and take advantage of attractive exit strategies. Recurring income is the best income and our healthcare projects are a prime generator.

Create Relevant Services

You’ll be offering highly-demanded medical services and thanks to the Madrid location, you will have all the resources on hand in order to do so with unequalled efficiency. Madrid´s attractive lifestyle is a magnet for medical professionals who are only too happy to reside here.Of course, in any healthcare project of any scale, it is just as important to locate the best auxiliary staff within budget.This is certainly feasible in Madrid, as the local cost of living continues to be realistic for these important employees. Specialized medical services are just as relevant to Madrid´s residents and the population of Spain in general as they are to overseas patients attracted by the world-leading professional expertise. You may have a strategy you wish to implement, and we can put the perfect team in place to make it a reality. You may have clarity on your investment objectives, but are more open as to which medical specialties are the best vehicle to achieve these results - we will be delighted to present you with the most relevant options.

Keeping It Simple

Madrid´s Aging Population Has Cash For You.............

The demand for well-run geriatric residences only continues to rise in Madrid. There is very little mystery here and it is difficult to imagine anything changing in the near future. It is a simple question of the demographic projections of an aging population and the absence of any real alternative for an enormous number of senior citizens. For many years investors

demonstrated an excessive focus on student residences, and this was to the detriment of the geriatric-residence sector where there is now an enormous pent-up demand with waiting-lists for the better ones. Recurrent monthly income from financially stable customers, a pretty simple business model and great underlying real estate assets!


We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you.

Get Inspired

To keep up with healthcare opportunities in Madrid, let us know what is relevant to you. Do you have a clear numerical investment mandate which is open to different healthcare investments? Are you interested in a specific healthcare area and wish to locate the most relevant projects? In either scenario we will be delighted to hear from you. You may even find yourself inspired to plan your own splendid healthcare facility, adding unique features, and incorporating world-leading medical teams. Start creating your own project now.We will accompany you on every step of the way.

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