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Adwatch Goes From Strength to Strength.

During a recent conversation with genial Adwatch C.E.O. José Luis Casado, Paul Laurence Sweeney was fascinated to learn of the the inspiring journey from inception as an elite Spanish startup two years ago through its market launch and exciting news with regard to client sign-ups.

The Adwatch pedigree with its origins and continued evolution in collaboration with nwc10Lab promised that something excepcional was brewing and this Spanish project has not defrauded.

It is well known that Volvo Car Spain is a relevant client, among many others.

Thanks to a patented algorithm layer mounted on a blockchain skeleton, it is clear that Adwatch has developed and continues to perfect a secret sauce that is simply irresistible for clients with deep pockets for

marketing spend.

Importantly, the commercial acumen and market awareness of the amazing Adtech management means

that their financial success will surely match their technological dominance.

Knowing that I am by no means a techie, José Luis was kind enough to simplify the esoteric technical details and help me to understand the capabilities of Adwatch in guaranteeing transparency in the deployment of any piece of digital publicity. It seems that we are at a new dawn for the sector and the utilization of incorruptible blockchain solutions will be a sine que non for the client in any advertising mandate.

“Paul”, explained José Luis, “No client of any significance will sign-off on a digital marketing campaign without the certainty that there is an incorruptible monitorization embedded in the piece of

advertising which will document its journey from launch through navigation by the ultimate target and all with the very greatest level of granularity imaginable. Now that this solution exists, it basically becomes mandatory for the advertising company to implement it. The client will demand this from the advertising agency before even initiating a commercial relationship, in the same way that they request so many other things- for example, I.S.O. certification. Any advertising agency not embedding this absolute guarantee of traceability in their digital campaigns will very soon not even be on the radar of the big-spenders.”

Having clarified the no-argument nature of the advertising proposition, José Luis brought me up to date with incredible progress by Adwatch in the areas of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Plans are ambitious but there is no doubt that Adwatch can achieve a home-run.

Adwatch is one of the most exciting stories in the tech ecosystem in Spain and the talent is palpable. 2021 is set to be a stellar year for the company and I look forward to keeping subscribers to up-to-date with developments. Watch this space!

Autor: Paul Laurence Sweeney.

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