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Our ultimate guide to carefully-managed Madrid business growth

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We will help you navigate the local waters and ensure that you are always positioned to ensure that the sea-changes are always in your favor.

We have performed our research with extreme confidentiality over decades. Use this knowledge to obtain enormous leverage in our market in a way that’s current and deliberate. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

Operate with Ease

Do you have a sector in mind for your investment? Whether you prefer one of our six principal business areas or you’re going for something different - we want to hear from you.

Every project comes with the key factors for success built in. Investors will be able to easily communicate with all project stakeholders as required, adjust capital structure in line with objectives, bring in local equity partners and enjoy access to the best talent in expansion and merger and acquisition strategies. With or assistance, building your capital structure has never been easier.

Create Relevant Projects

There are incredible business opportunities in Spain that others simply do not see, so be sure to keep in regular touch with us for further information. You will be welcomed to relevant meetings, visits and events where you will have a first-hand opportunity to familiarize yourself with many such opportunities.The more you clarify your investment horizons, strategies and areas of interest, the better we will be placed to introduce you to proposals which are a good fit.

Propco or Opco?

Proprietor or Operator.

Are you primarily interested in real estate assets or in operations? Our projects incorporate a sliding scale from 0% to 100% in both directions. Are you already completely decided on this, for example, because you are following a pre-established mandate? Or would you like us to analyze the figures for optimization along a given timeline? We have the people to do this for you.

Something Original?

We are always excited about original & different projects and keep our antennae finely tuned in order to ensure that the promising ones are on our radar. If, like us, you believe that innovation in investing is not an option, we will be delighted to go into further detail.

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